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January 26, 2004



Change the World with Peace and Prosperity 10-Million Urgent Peace letters to Head of States, UN, Parliaments, Political Parties, TV News Channels,International Newspapers, Magazines, Universities, Think tanks, AmnestyInternational and Welfare NGO’s, all over the WorldSubject: Friendship, Progress and Prosperity for peace throughout theWorldI Agha Dilbar Founder International Revolution Movement have sent10-Million research Peace Letters to International Community from 11September 2001 till today about War on Terror.Our NGO International Revolution Movement has 3-Principles, Friendship,Progress and Prosperity all over the World. Our NGO’ s programmed is for TheWelfare of International Community and to save the Human Being from 3rdWorld War and World Terrorism.I Agha Dilbar have a Great Peace Plan for Kashmir, Afghanistan,Chechnya,Middle East and Iraq to stop and eliminate Suicidal Bomb Attacks allOverThe World. Some Powerful Underground Groups want to begin 3rd World WarForTheir worst intentions.World should remember that religion Islam is a religion of Peace,Security,Fraternity and Love. We Muslims are not concerned with any sort of Terrorism;Terrorists are only using the name of Islam. Likewise people using theNameOf Islam to pretence are not Muslims. They are only Terrorists.I, Agha Dilbar on emergency ground want to present solid suggestions toInternational Community, regarding their policies on War againstTerrorism,Can be saved from Economic Crisis, I should be given a chance to makeOpenSpeech and Dialogue, on the leading TV News Channels to eliminatePoverty,Unemployment and Lawlessness at International level.I am warning the International Community that according to my previousResearch spread over a period of 2-years; it is evident that sufficientIntentional or unintentional efforts have not been made to eradicateTheRoot Causes of Terrorism in all its forms and manifestations (SuicideBombing and destructive tendencies). As a result thereof it is quitePossible that there may be dramatic hundred times Increase in theIncidencesOf Terrorism and Suicide Bombing in the near future. For the sake ofWorldPeace, I therefore request the International Community to provide me anOpportunity to explain to them, the root causes of World Terrorism andSuicide Bombings as to take bold steps to put an end to its basicCauses. InNutshell instead of using Brute Force, try to solve the matter throughTableTalk. I should convince those who are on the wrong track that they areTheirWell - wisher and are interested to develop Friendship for mutualProgressServices, I please beGiven a chance of Official Visit to Interested Countries forElaborating myGreat Peace Plan before the Head of States and other concerned HigherAuthorities.Regards Please NoteDonate Funds for International Peace CampaignFor conveying massage of Peace through Friendship, Progress andProsperity byInternational Revolution Movement in a better way 1000 times more, weNeedFunds on Urgent Bases. Please send your Donations toBank account: Allied Bank of Pakistan, LahoreBranch: ABL, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore-0688Account: Agha DilbarAccount No.001100-5809-2Agha Dilbar founderInternational Revolution Movement64-neelum, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore (Pakistan)Ph: 0092-42-7830084, Mobile: 0300-4370258E-mailThanks for using this service.Please E-mail these peace letters to your friends,For the welfare of Humanity.Thank you for your participation. We appreciate your contribution forHumanity(Live with Dignity and Dye with Grace. Guide Line from Agha Dilbar)Agha Dilbar’s Urgent Peace Letter No.2Subject: Agha Dilbar request for a chance of Open Speech and DialogueToWorld Community for Peace. We want Peace not War.I Agha Dilbar have a Great Peace Plan for the World Community. This isAGreat treasure for Humanity. After following my Great Peace Plan, WarOnTerror will fight through UN Principles. I request to all the Head ofStates, UN, Parliaments, Political Parties, TV News Channels,InternationalNewspapers and Magazines, Think Tanks, Universities, AmnestyInternational,And Welfare NGO’ s, Please invite me in your Countries, Institutions, TVShows, Media Forums to give me a chance of Open Speech and DialogueAbout myGreat Peace Plan. Thanks.I am sure that my Great Peace Plan will protect the Impending 3rd worldWar.After following the instructions contained in my Great Peace Plan,People ofThe World become Prosperous and Developed according to the latestScientificEra.I Agha Dilbar have a Great Peace Plan, which depends upon, Friendship,Progress and Prosperity throughout the World. I hope that WorldCommunityWill favor my Great Peace Plan quickly. Any question about my GreatPeacePlan? Write directly to me.Thanks and Regards E-mail Agha Dilbar‘s Urgent Peace Letter No. 3Subject: Make the UN Peace Force strongest force of the World to saveTheWorld coming from on 3rd World War and State TerrorismI Agha Dilbar am writing the World Community that Israel should beStoppedFrom genocide and atrocities committed in Palestine. In the wake ofTheseAtrocities there must be more Suicidal Bombing and many other HorribleIncidences like 9/11 Attacks due to revenge, which can cause 3rd WorldWarAny time.1) To break the coming 3rd World War the owners of many ArmamentProducingFactories are playing their roll very actively; so that they can getNewOrders after the old stock get exhausted during the 3rd World War.2) I am putting on alert, UN, Head of States, Parliaments, PoliticalParties,TV News Channels, International Newspapers and Magazines, Universities,ThinkTanks, Amnesty International and welfare NGO’s of the World, that afterThe3rd World War the Progress and Prosperity of all the Rich, Developed,UnderDeveloped, Poor and Backward Countries of the World will become a dreamInThe wake of their Economic Crisis.3) Current Powerful, Rich and Developed Nations should keep in mind,ThatEven if they conquer the Weak Poor and Backward Nations their ArmiesWillHave to face an upended Gorilla War in the occupied regions for theNextFive Ten or Twenty Years, which might result in the destruction of?TheirDefense Power and Economy. Here is a live example of Palestine,Kashmir,Chechnya, Afghanistan and Iraq.4) According to Agha Dilbar strategy, the entire giant disputes of theWorldLike Palestine, Kashmir Chechnya, Afghanistan and Iraq could only beSolvedThrough UN Peace Force, after making it the strongest force in theWorld. IAm positive that instead of using the wrong tactics of power in solvingTheAbove mentioned disputes of the World, will try to solve these amicablyThrough Friendship, Progress and Prosperity can avert WorldTerrorismAnd 3rd World War.E-mail Agha Dilbar’s Urgent Peace Letter No.4Subject: Agha Dilbar’ s request to Rich and Developed Nations not toCrushUnderdeveloped and Poor Nations with State Terrorism or by starting 3rdWorld War.As per my research the State Terrorism in Kashmir, Palestine, Chechnya,Afghanistan and Iraq may cause of 3rd World War and Hundred TimesSuicideBombing all over the World. My message to UN is to crush the StateTerrorismThrough UN Peace Force in Kashmir, Palestine and Chechnya. Also in theWarAffected areas. UN Peace Force should make practical efforts to solveDisputes with Table Talk, through Friendship Progress and Prosperity,AllOver the World.I hope the UN would be successful by implementing my Great Peace Plan,Friendship, Progress and Prosperity in disputed countries all over theWorld. If UN failed to bring Peace in these countries then 3rd WorldWar andWorld Terrorism would be resulting in death of Twenty Crore People andComplete destruction of World Economy.Remember as per my research the next 3rd World War would not be anAtomicWar, but it will be fought through traditional newly invented DangerousWeapons.There will be no doubt that Developed and Rich Countries ForcesEquippedWith newly invented Dangerous Weapons will win the 3RD World War.In case of starting 3RD World War, Developing Countries and theirSurvivalCountries involved in the long Gorilla War for their survival.Resultantly the World Community will totally collapse. Therefore inViewAbove stated positions, the Developed Countries, possessing fatalWeaponsShould, instead of conquering the Under Developed, Poor Countries byForce,May achieve the goal through Friendship, Progress and Prosperity withTheHelp of UN, so that permanent World Peace should be brought.E-mail Agha Dilbar s Urgent Peace Letter NO.5Subject: New Revolutionary Planning to eradicate the worst EconomicCrisisAt the International LevelI Agha Dilbar present new revolutionary planning to the World CommunityToEradicate the worst Economic Crisis. After the implementation of theseSuggestions all the Developed Rich Countries and Underdeveloped PoorCountries will enter in a new golden era of Friendship, Progress andProsperity.1) According to new business strategy of Agha Dilbar, all the DevelopedAndRich Countries of Europe, America and Asia will contribute 1% of theirAnnual National Budgets as a free aid to the Underdeveloped, PoorCountries forTheir Education, Health and Agriculture projects.2) In future all the Developed Rich Countries will make a finalDecision toProduce commercial loans in Agriculture, Industry, Trade and EducationAtThe rate of 1% Interest.3) In future all the Developed Rich Countries of the World will get the50%Profit of all the commercial projects installed in Agriculture,Industry,Trade and Education fields, of poor and underdeveloped countries.Rest of the 50% profit will be spent on the welfare projects ofUnderdeveloped Poor Countries in the fields of Health, Education,Agriculture and Industry etc.4) Moreover Developed Rich Countries of the World will bound to pay 50%OfTheir earnings in Gas, Oil, Electricity and in the projects of mineralsLikeCoal, Steel, Jewels, Gold as royalty to the Underdeveloped PoorCountries ofThe World.5) In future Developed Rich Countries of the World will make a treatyThrough BOOT, according to which Under Developed Poor Countries willProvideFree land on 20 years lease for the commercial projects in Agriculture,Industry, Trade and Education etc. Under the BOOT Treaty all theInvestorsOf Developed Rich Countries will Hand Over their Business Assets,Buildings,Machinery and Transport to the Undeveloped Poor Countries after 20YearsFree of cast.5) After above said business strategy, introduced by Agha Dilbar inFutureMay avoid World Terrorism and 3rd World War on its implementation. ThisPlanRequires the Rich Developed Countries to invest on big commercialProjectsIn the fields of Agriculture; Industry and Trade in Under DevelopedPoorCountries to promote Friendship, mutual Progress and Prosperity.E-mail Agha Dilbar s Urgent Peace Letter No.6Subject: Agha Dilbar Great Peace Plan to give the command of forces ofAllThe countries UN Peace Force to decide War against any TerroristCountry.1) Under the resolution of UN Security Council, to control the coming3rdWorld War and World Terrorism, to make the UN Peace Force the mostPowerfulForce of the World. Following rules and regulations will be acted upon.2) In future UN Peace Force would be given the command of forces of allTheCountries and UN Peace Force will decide whether to wage a War againstATerrorist Country or not.3) In future UN Peace Force will be Independent to take any timelyActionAgainst Terrorist Country.4) Under the UN Security Council Resolution, UN will take the charge ofAllArmament Producing Factories of the World in future. And in the saidFactories the production would be curtailed to 25% only, and the restOf 75%Production would take place in the form of Cars, Buses, Trucks,Tractors,Trains, Ships, Aero Planes and Latest Machinery.5) After tacking the charge of all the International Forces, UN PeaceForceWill convert 25% of army into UN Peace Force, and rest of the 75% will?BeAppointed to build, Dams, Canals, Roads, Schools, Colleges,Universities,Hospitals, Sports Complexes, Industries and projects of Oil, Gas andMinerals.6) UN Security Council will pass a resolution, under which it will takeOfAll the Weapons of Mass Destruction into its custody and will disposeItOff gradually in future, peaceful use of Atomic Power would be promotedInAllThe countries.E-mail Agha Dilbar s Urgent Peace Letter No.7Subject: The Powerful, Developed countries should not initiate the 3rdWorldWar. The rich nations in spite of their victory will have to face theDestruction of their Defense Power and Economy in the Long Gorilla War.1) According to Agha Dilbar s research on War against Terrorism RichAndDeveloped Countries of the World should never take an emotional step ofInitiating the War on the bases of their Defense and their EconomicPower2) If their exist such few Terrorist Countries, then to destroy suchCountries War should be fought from the platform of UN Peace Force.3) Rich and Powerful Countries should remember that due to stateTerrorismIn Kashmir, Palestine, Chechnya, Afghanistan and Iraq the bloody eventsLike9/11 could take hundred times in revenge.4) If Rich and Powerful Nations do not take a positive and strong stepToStop the State Terrorism in Kashmir, Palestine, Chechnya through UNPeaceForce and instead they start aimless 3rd World War, then their would beHundred Times more Suicidal Terrorist Attacks in revenge.5) According to Agha Dilbar s research, in the wake of 3rd World War,TwentyCrore innocent people will fall prey to death.6) In the wake of expected 3rd World War Rich and Powerful Nations inSpiteOf becoming victorious will have to face a worst Gorilla War in theNext5, 10, 20 years, which will destroy the Defense and Economic Power ofVictorious countries.7) According to Agha Dilbar s Research, World Terrorism and SuicidalBombingShould be rooted out through UN Peace Force or through Table Talk.8) It is the best Advice to Rich and Powerful Nations from Agha DilbarThatInstead of staging 3rd World War they should keep the veneration of theGlobal village and its people and try to solve the disputed problemsThroughUN Table Talk and take the step of Friendship for mutual Progress andProsperity.E-mail Agha Dilbar s Urgent Peace Letter No.8Subject: A New Plan of Agha Dilbar for solutions of disputes betweenEnemyCountries instead War or Terrorism and convert them to promote,FriendshipMutual Progress and Prosperity1) The disputed issues should be resolved through Table Talk instead ofWarOr Terrorist Activities, between enemy countries.2) The enemy countries should launch mutual Cultural Shows on permanentBasis.3) The disputed enemy countries start on large scale mutual Import /ExportFacility on barter treaty.4) The Disputed Enemy Countries should provide mutual Scholarships toTheirTalent Students on equal basis.5) The disputed enemy countries should sign mutual pacts to constructSchools, Colleges, Universities and Hospitals for welfare purposes.6) The disputed enemy Countries should sign pacts for reducing the ArmsAndEngaging their Armies for construction of Dams, Canals, Highways,Bridges,Sports Complexes, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Hospitals, Airports,SeaPorts and Heavy Industries.7) The disputed enemy countries should co-operate to finish TerrorismInTheir countries on equal basis.8) The disputed enemy countries should start mutual Economic ProgrammedForGiving Jobs to Doctors, Engineers, Mechanics, Electricians and Labor onEqual basis in their countries.9) The disputed enemy countries should sign mutual pacts to constructDams,Canals, Motorways, Bridges, Five star Hotels, Airports, Seaports andHeavyIndustries.With the help of above Agha Dilbar plan the disputed enemy countriesWould be able to solve disputes and stop War and Terrorist Activities.E-mail Agha Dilbar s Urgent Peace Letter No.9Subject: According to Agha Dilbar s research, what type of acute?HorribleAnd dreadful problems, World Community will have to face during andAfterThe coming 3rd World War.1) If UN fails to avert the coming 3rd World War, which would be foughtWithTraditional Weapons, under these circumstances, World Community willHave toFace the following expected terrible results.2) Powerful and Rich countries after making continuous attacks andCapturingAt least four countries within the next few months, the 3rd World WarWouldStartFormally and it will continue for the next one year.3) In the coming 3rd World War, the allies of Powerful Rich CountriesWouldBe Hundred in Number, and the Weak and Poor Countries against theseWouldAlso be Hundred.4) In the coming 3rd World War, around 20 Crore Innocent People wouldFallPrey to death, and about 50 Crore would get crippled.5) Due to the 3rd World War, about One Billion People homeless andJoblessAfter destruction of their cities, and they will have to live a NomadicLifeIn the open places for the next 5, 10 or 20 years.6) During and after the 3rd World War there will be a 75% decline inTheBusiness of Agriculture, Industry, Trade, Tourism, Import and Export inTheNext 5 years.7) After the 3rd World War, there will be a chain of Bloody RevolutionsInThe Rich Develop Countries and Poor Underdeveloped Countries due toInflation, Unemployment, Lawlessness and Corruption.8) To avert all these terrible consequences of the 3rd World War, IAghaDilbar request UN and World Community to instead of making the GlobalVillage a Fire, Terrorism and War, they should try to solve the burningIssues through Table Talk or UN Peace Force in a Friendly, ProgressiveAndProsperous way.E-mail Agha Dilbar s Urgent Peace Letter No.10Subject: A Grate Peace Plan for UN and International Community to saveTheWorld coming on 3rd World WarI Agha Dilbar put a Great Peace Plan, War against Terror, for the sakeOfWorld Community. I appeal UN to act upon my Great Peace PlanUnconditionallyFor the sake of World Peace.1) All countries of the World should make the strongest UN Peace Force.2) UN Peace Force should be given full authorities for the sake ofWorldPeace in Kashmir, Chechnya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Sari lankaAndNepal etc where Peace Plan may be implemented war effected areas andAllAdministrative authorities may allotted to the UN Peace Force till thePeaceRestored completely4) I Agha Dilbar am afraid that the World Community may enter into the3rdWorld War, because of such disputes among the above mentioned Nations,AreActing may induce the bloody war. Which can increase losses of life andEconomy Hundred Times.E-mail Agha Dilbar’ s Urgent Peace Letter No.11Subject: World Community must support the Great Peace Plan of AghaDilbar toStop the horrible, dreadful 3rd World War and World Terrorism1) For stopping the 3rd World War, which may erupt as a result of?Retaliation in Philistine, Kashmir, Chechnya, Afghanistan and IraqStateTerrorism, the World Community should support Agha Dilbar s Great PeaceMission. For this purpose, peace rallies should be organized in all bigCities as the next 3rd World War may take 200 Million innocent humanLives,Besides crippling 500 Million People and starving, homeless One BillionPeople in addition to carrying inherent danger of Economic Crises.2) The World Community should awaken International awareness for makingTheUN Peace Force as the strongest Peace Enforcing Body having its controlOverArmies of all UN Member Countries.3) Apparently, Agha Dilbar s Great Peace Mission is a weak but truthfulConcept, which with the help of World Community will compel the strongAndSuperpower armies to surrender before UN.4) The World Community should keep in mind that their support of thisGreatPeace Mission will change the 3rd World War and World Terrorism intoFriendship Progress and Prosperity then the World will enter into a newGolden era.E-mail Agha Dilbar s Urgent Peace Letter No.12Subject: Next 3rd World War is the Oil and Economic Interest War, whichWillBring numerous International Revolutions between the Conquers andConcurredNations1) World Community must remember that next 3rd World War is representedReligious War. Infect above mention war is the Oil and EconomicInterestWar.2) Next 3rd World War is the Oil and Economic Interest War, which willBringNumerous International Revolutions between the Conquers and ConcurredNations.3) International Anti-war demonstrations will play historic role toStop the3rd World War.4) The beginning of 3rd World War will prove strong grip of bureaucracyOnThe Democratic Institutions.5) The suspension of 3rd World War will crush the strong grip ofInternational Bureaucratic Institutions.E-mailAgha Dilbar s Urgent Peace Letter No.13Subject: Agha Dilbar’ s Practical Steps for Peace Mission andInternationalCommunity Awareness1) All the vehicles throughout the World should affix a sticker saying"Peace not War"2) Posters with the same slogan," Peace not War" should be displayed atAllPublic Places, like Shops, Showrooms, Hotels, Restaurants, Clubs,Schools,Colleges, Hospitals and Factories.3) World famous Singers, TV, Film and Stage Artists should presentSongs,Stage Shows, Dramas and Films with this theme," Peace not War"4) World Fame commercial and industrial organizations, Banks, Mills,ImportExport and Insurance Concerns should advertise with this slogan: "PeaceNotWar"5) At International Level, Amnesty International and all the welfareNGO sShould organize public rallies of "Peace not War"6) The affected classes of World would be 3rd World War, like LaborersFarmers Students, Women and Children should hold rallies in support of"Peace not War"7) The Social and Political Activists Teachers, Advocates, PoliticiansIntellectuals, World Famous Players and Social Workers should sendE-mails(With a copy through International News Papers and Magazines) forStoppageOf War to those Head of States who are preparing for War.8) According to Agha Dilbar s Thesis, the only solution for preventingTheNext 3rd World War is that the UN should be converted into the worldsStrongest Peace Force instead of baseless speech forum.E-mail Agha Dilbar’ s Urgent Peace Letter No.14Subject: To stop the 3rd World War all the Anti-War Countries shouldMakeUse full strongest media Radio, TV, Internet and Newspapers1) Anti-War Countries should make appeal for Peace not War the peaceLovingPeople of the World.2) Anti-War Countries should prove their propaganda; the Superpowers ofTheWorld are fighting for the security of their wrong Economic, Oil andPowerInterest.3) Anti-War Countries should tell to the people of the World throughTheirMedia that next 3rd World War will become the cause Death of TwoHundredMillion Innocent People and make Five hundred million People disabled.4) Anti-War Countries should tell the International Community that next3rdWorld War will become the cause of One Billion People Homeless andUnemployed. In this way they will live in Nomadic Life for the next5, 10 or20 years.5) Anti-War Countries should tell the International Community that next3rdWorld War will become the collapse of 75% International Business ofAgriculture, Commerce, Industry, Tourism and Import Export. In this wayAllRich and Poor Countries of the World will become the cause ofInflation,Unemployment Lawlessness and Corruption with consciences of Bloodshed.E-mail Agha Dilbar’ s Urgent Peace Letter No.15Subject: A few Powerful Developed Countries want to Enforce Law ofJungle(Might is Right) after Conquering the World, International CommunityShouldStand against it, Like an Iron Wall1) For controlling the Oil Resources of World, a few DevelopedCountries arePlanning to enslave the International Community through next 3rd WorldWar.2) World Community should resist this move of Powerful Countries, whoAreLaunching 3rd World War through false propaganda of Terrorism andWeapons ofMass Destruction.3) The recent announcement of these countries has proved theirFalsehoodThat they will not hesitate to form a new International Organization ifUNSecurity Council does not support their War Mission.4) The World Community must continue Peaceful Rallies for stopping the3rdWorld War, so that 200 Million People can be sued from Death, 500Million>From being Crippled and One Billion from Starvation and becomingHomeless.5) The World Community should act upon Agha Dilbar s Great Peace PlanByEstablishing Anti-War Peace Force under UN Control.6) Agha Dilbar appeal to International Newspapers, Magazines and TV NewsChannels that my Great Peace Plan is printed / broadcast on urgentBasis, soThat World Community must know it for stopping the 3rd World War.E-mail Agha Dilbar’ s Urgent Peace Letter No.16Subject: Stop War against Iraq for the World s Peace1) Developed Powerful Countries to stop the War against Iraq, which canCause of next 3rd World War any time.2) UN to make strong action to stop the War against Iraq or UN willBreakAny time.3) World Community should start Peaceful Demonstrations immediatelyAgainstWar on Iraq otherwise 6-Billion People will become the victim of worstEconomic Crisis.4) Developed Powerful Countries after winning the War against Iraq,Will beEngaged in long Gorilla War next 5, 10 or 20 years which will destroyTheirDefense and Economic Power.5) If the present War against Iraq continues 100% Suicidal Attacks canTakePlace in Revenge.6) To stop the present Iraq War, it is Agha Dilbar s Great Peace PlanUNPeace Force goes in Iraq immediately for World Peace.7) In case War against Iraq continue, there can be 100% Increase WorldTerrorism and Suicide Attacks which can cause the complete destructionOfInternational EconomyE-mail Agha Dilbar’ s Urgent Peace Letter No.17Subject: World Community must help War Effected, Injured Iraqis1) Agha Dilbar appeals to UN, Head of States, World Red Cross that onHumanitarian grounds practical steps should be taken to help thousandsOfWar Effected Iraqis.2) World Community should send Doctors, Nurses and Medicines to Iraq onLarge scale and on Urgent Basis.3) Immediate Food is needed for thousands of War Effected Iraqis.4) Immediate steps should be taken for provision of Drinking Water toHundred of Thousands of People in War affected Iraqis.5) UN and Red Cross Aid distributing Teams should be immediately sentToIraq.6) Human Rights Missions should be sent to Iraq for inspectingPrisonersOf War are being dealt according to Geneva Convention or not.7) UN Network should be immediately established in Iraq forDistribution ofAid, Medicines, Food, Drinking Water and Tents etc.8) Agha Dilbar specially appeals to all Muslim Countries andInternationalWelfare NGO S that immediate help to Iraqis be given in shape of Food,Medicines and Tents etc.E-mail Agha Dilbar’ s Urgent Peace Letter No.18Subject: Collation Forces after ceasefire in Iraq must go back to theirHomeland, in other case Collation Forces after conquering Iraq willBack toTheir countries with fifty thousand Dead bodies (Research by AghaDilbar)1) After horrible and dreadful bombardment of Collation Forces in IraqTheWorst sentiments of International Community can take place againstCollationForces all over the World.2) Continuous horrible and dreadful War in Iraq will cause deaths of 5LakesIraqis and fifty thousand Collation Forces in a long Gorilla War.3) Agha Dilbar advise Collation Forces they should not conquers IraqForIraqi Oil, in this way they can loose their Defense Power and Economy.4) Collation Forces can conquers Iraq after killing 5-Laks Iraqis, inConsequences, 100% Suicide Attacks can burst throughout the WorldAgainstCollation Forces.5) Collation Forces decision to double their army in Iraq for theirVictoryWill prove them a next Vietnam War.6) Collation Forces, keep in mind that Palestine, Chechnya, Kashmir,Afghanistan and Iraq cannot solve with Brute Force, in this way 9/11TypeIncidences can take place against Collation Forces all over the World.7) Above-mentioned international disputes, Collation Forces shouldSolveThese disputes with the help of UN Peace Force, through Friendship,ProgressAnd Prosperity.E-mailAgha Dilbar’ s urgent Peace Letter No.19Subject: According the rule of Might is Right, Collation ForcesConqueredIraq and than threatened Syria, Iran and North Korea.1) Collation Forces are blaming Syria, Iran and North Korea to CollectingWeapons of Mass Destruction and Terrorism.2) Now Collation Forces have started horrible and dreadful planning toAttackSyria and than Iran for their oil Resources interest.3) UN can become helpless, if Collation Forces kept on capturing manyWeakAnd undeveloped countries one by one.4) Collation Forces want to make slave all the countries of the WorldWithThe new Jungle Law. (Might is Right)5) World Community should stop such Collation Forces to UN Peace ForceAsStrongest force of the World.6) Peace Loving people of the World should solve their disputes notWithBrute Force and Terrorism. They should solve their differences throughFriendship Progress and Prosperity with the practical help of UN PeaceForce.E-mailAgha Dilbar’ s Urgent Peace Letter No.20Subject: The dream of Collation Forces to enforces Law of Jungle inWorldThrough use of power/cruelty will be resisted by World Community, asPeopleAll over the World have arisen and by becoming united they will crushCollation Forces in Iraq.1) For capturing oil resources of Iraq, the Collation Forces haveStartedAggression and worst bombing. People all over the World should condemnIt.2) The aggression and cruelty, which the Collation Forces have startedInIraq is a plan to enslave the poor and weak nations. The WorldCommunityShould take practical steps to stop this in Iraq.3) Agha Dilbar advises the Collation Forces that World can be conqueredThrough Friendship, Progress and Prosperity instead of aggression andCruelty.4) The dangerous plan of Collation Forces to dissolve UN, which theyHavePrepared under influence of force, barbarity and cruelty, UN shouldResistIt with the help of World Community.5) The Collation Forces, for capturing oil resources of Iraq haveStartedMass killings of thousands of Iraqis. Iraqi soil will revenge it andTheWorld Super Power will get humiliating defeat like Russians in Iraq.6) World Community must condemn the false propaganda of CollationForcesThat they are doing it for freedom of Iraqi people.7) The Collation Forces must remember that in retaliation to stateTerrorismAgainst Philistine People, a tragic incident like suicide attack of9/11Took place. It is possible that in revenge of aggression in AfghanistanAndIraq, many such like incidents may reoccur and never ending process mayStart.E-mailAgha Dilbar's Urgent Peace Letter No.21Subject: The Collation Forces through massive War Power trying to EnslaveOfPoor World. How to stop them?1) Recently the Collation Forces have started War in the name of IraqiFreedom its only solution is that the World Community by making a UNPeaceForce the most powerful body should take immediate steps to control thePlotOf Collation Forces for starting 3rd World War.2) The World Community, through powerful media, i.e. Radio, TVInternet, Newspapers, Magazines, should start media propaganda forPublicOpinion building.3) The World Community through Economic Boycott of Collation Forces,ShouldHit their Economies through Media.4) The War Crimes of Collation Forces in Iraq should be made publicThroughMedia.5) The World Community should move to Intl Court of Justice againstCollation Forces for damage toIraq, People of Iraq and for withdrawal from Iraq.6) The Poor Countries, especially those with Oil Resources who will beFirstTargets of imperialist motives of Collation Forces, should startCampaignThrough UN and other international Forums for their immediateWithdrawal andEstablishing Democratic Govt in Iraq.E-mail Agha Dilbar's Urgent Peace Letter No.22Subject: A new plan by Agha Dilbar to curb World Terrorism, SuicidalAttacksAnd for permanent restoration of Peace.1) The present strategy of Collation Forces to fight against WorldTerrorismAnd for stopping of Suicidal Attacks by attacking on Poor Countries, isResulting in further Terrorism.2) The sufferings people of Poor Countries, massive killings of theirInnocent people, loss of proprieties and source of livings is makingThemCustomized to Suicidal Attacks.3) This strategy of Collation Forces to attack on Poor Countries one byOneIn the name of curbing Terrorism, may result outbreak of 3rd WorldWar atAny time.4) The Collation Forces must remember that their continuous attacks onPoorCountries are generating Bloody Rebellions, Civil Wars and long GorillaWarsWith possibility of devastating World Economy.5) According to Agha Dilbar's Great Peace Plan, the Collation ForcesAnd allCountries of the World should hand over their Army High Command to UNPeaceForce.6) According to this Great Peace Plan proposed strongest UN Peace ForceOfThe World should resolve International Disputes (As suchKashmir, Philistine, Chechannia.Afghanistan and Iraq etc.) ThroughFriendshipProgress and Prosperity instead of Military Actions for curbingTerrorismAnd Suicidal AttackEmail Agha Dilbar’ s Urgent Peace Letter No.23Subject: Agha Dilbar s new plan "United States of the World" shouldImmediately adopt this Plan for Defense of Poor Nations and Welfare ofTheirPeople.1) The World Community with the help of France, Germany, Russia, Japan,China, other European, Asian, Arab, African, States should form anInstitution like Nato and European Union.2) The Headquarter of this proposed Institution (USW) should be basedAtFrance or Germany and its Head should be elected annually throughVoting ofMember States.3) This Institution (USW) will take all actions including Military,Economic, Industrial, Agricultural, Commercial, Educational andCulturalUnder the Principles of UN.4) USW will ensure Regional Safety and Defense of its Member States.5) USW will take immediate and practical steps for assurance of SingleCurrency.6) By abolishing Travel Restrictions, USW will encourage Tourism amongMember States.7) USW will encourage Free Trade by abolishing Tariffs.8) For Economic, Industrial Agricultural Commercial and EducationalDevelopment of its Poor Member States, USW will provide technology andConfessional (@1%) Long Term Loans.9) USW will establish Schools, Colleges, Universities, Hospitals, and SportsComplexes, Motor Ways, Dams, Canals and heavy Industries in its PoorMemberStates.10) USW will take measures to control Environmental Pollution in itsMemberStates.11) USW will resolve Regional Disputes of its Member States throughTableTalk, Friendship, Progress, Prosperity instead of War and StateTerrorism.12) USW will take steps for reduction of Armaments and Atomic WeaponsThroughout the World.13) The Member States of USW will establish common banks, Airlines andShipping Companies.14) For making Brotherhood among USW member States, Govt LevelConcessionsWill be provided to Cultural Groups for Traveling, Hoteling andEntertainment Shows.E-mail: Agha Dilbar’ s Urgent Peace Letter No.24Subject: Collation Forces should remember that by their conquest ofPoorCountries People of the World, instead of getting Peace, will becomeVictimOf Suicide Attacks.1) By following Agha Dilbar’s principles of Friendship, Progress andProsperity the World Community can establish permanent Peace in theWorld.2) Instead of relying on Supper Powers, the World Community should HandOver, Command Forces of all countries to UN Peace Force, after makingIt theMightiest War Power. In this way the UN should be the Global VillageSupperPower.3) USA, UK, Russia, India and Israel must remember that use ofIndiscriminate and continues State Force in Afghanistan, Iraq,Chechnya,Kashmir and Palestine will result in 100% Increase in Terrorism insteadOfCurbing it.4) The Collation Forces must forgo their dream of Capturing the WorldThrough use of Force-they should remember that in this age of I.T.WhenWorldIs becoming A Global Village, the outdated rule of "Might is Right" ofPrevious 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th Centuries will not successes.5) I Agha Dilbar sincerely believe that only by adopting Principles ofFriendship, Progress and Prosperity the Dream of World peace willBecome aReality after 5, 10, 50,100 years.6) The Collation Forces should not be mistaken that they will become aCauseOf Peace and Progress after Conquering Poor Countries one by one;RatherSuicide Attacks World Over including Collation Countries, long GorillaWarsWill destroy World Economy.7) Collation Forces also remember that controlling World Terrorism byEnslaving Poor Countries (as Afghanistan and Iraq etc) Through WarMachinery, killing of thousands innocent people, destruction of citiesAndVillages and eliminating employment sources, a new greater series ofSuicideAttacks has started which can be controlled by abandoning use of BruteForce.8) World Community, Collation Forces, UN and Head of States all over TheWorld powerful media, Radio, TV, Inter Net, Newspapers, MagazinesShouldPropagate Principles of Friendship, Progress and Prosperity forEstablishingOf World Peace.9) Collation Forces must remember that capturing Poor Countries one byOneWill start 3rd World War. Collation Forces overseas consists of 2 Million Army,Fighters, Aircrafts, Navel Ships, Airfields, Latest DestructiveArmaments,Is destroying World Economy. In retaliation to this, a never-endingChain ofSuicide Attacks will start engulfing the whole World Economy,Especially inUSA, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia and Australia.10) UN must stop This Indiscriminate Use OF Force by Collation ForcesOtherwise it will have to face a fate like its predecessor the "LeagueOfNations".11) The Collation Forces should not forget that naked use of MilitaryForceThe World Over is 100 times destroying World Peace and Economy. For getRidOf World Terrorism and Suicidal Attacks, only Principles of Friendship,Progress and Prosperity can make this World a Haven.Agha Dilbar's Urgent Peace Letter No.25Subject: The World Community has started March towards Peace in theLight ofAgha Dilbar's Principles of Friendship, Progress and Prosperity.1) It is a pleasant news that Pakistan-India are preparing for talks toResolve Kashmir Dispute.2) Israel and Philistine are going to hold talks as per President Bush'sRoad Map instead of War and Suicidal Attacks.3) Russia has also agreed for talks with Chechens Gorilla Fighters.4) Keeping in view these facts and for strengthens peace process in theWorld.Agha Dilbar Appeals to Collation Forces to gradually withdraw>FromAfghanistan and Iraq and under an International Agreement, UN PeaceForcesShould be deployed there till Normalcy.5) India, Israel, Russia, USA and UK must remember that as per research OfAghaDilbar in present Global Village Age, Peace is not possible byConqueringWeak countries on the pretext of Weapons of Mass Destruction and byStateTerrorism, Mass Killings and destruction of Means of Production, ratherUseOf Brutal Force will increase Suicide Attacks 100 Times resulting inFailureOf World Economy.E-mail Agha Dilbar's Urgent Peace Letter No.26Subject: UN Peace Force should be displaced till Restoration of Peace InInternationally Disputed Arias ofKashmir, Palestine, Chechnya, AfghanistanAnd Iraq.1) As per Research of Agha Dilbar for stoppage of Guerilla War inInternationally Disputed Arias likeKashmir, Palestine, Chechnya, AfghanistanAnd Iraq and for fully resolving other disputes. These Disputed AreasShouldBe put under control of UN Peace Force.2) After taking control these disputed areas and bringing Army, PoliceAndAdministration under Command of UN Peace Force should resolve allIssuesThrough Table Talk in the light of Principles of Friendship, ProgressAndProsperity.3) UN Peace Force after taking charge of Kashmir, Palestine andChechnya,Will order Indian, Israeli and Russian Armies to Vacate these DisputedAreas.4) Similarly it will Order Collation Forces to Withdraw from AfghanistanAndIraq and go back to their Homeland.5) UN Peace Force, after taking Control, will conduct Free and FairElections Afghanistan and Iraq within 2-years and will Handover Govt toWinning Political Parties. However UN Peace Force will remain thereTill3-year for full Restoration of Peace.6) According to Proposed Plan of Agha Dilbar, UN Peace Force willRemain inDeployed in Kashmir, Palestine and Chechnya for 5-years after signingOfPeace Agreements Disputed Parties Groups and it is expected NormalcyWillReturn that Period.7) It is hoped that UN Peace Force will succeed getting rid of LongGorillaWars and Suicide Attacks in the lights of Golden Principles ofFriendship,Progress and Prosperity with the help of UN Peace Force.E-mail Agha Dilbar, s Urgent Peace letter No.27Subject: UN Security Council, through a Resolution for permanent WorldPeaceWill Order to Reduce 75% in the Defense Budgets of all Countries.1) UN at the International Level will Order the following Solid Steps ToMaintain Peace and the Removal of Poverty.2) Under UN Orders, all the Nations of the World will renounceOfficially inThe Reduction of their Defense Budgets 75%.3) Under suggested Defense Budget Plan, all the States will Reduce 75%InTheir Armies Sea, Air War Fare in the Production and Buying ofAmmunition.According to Suggested Agha Dilbar s Revolutionary Plan, all theNationsWill be Bound to Spend their Savings made by Reduction of 75% in theirDefense Budget in the following Plans.A) According to UN Order all the States will be bound to Provide FreeMedicalAid Facilities to each and every Person.B) According to UN Orders all the Govt. Will Provide Free EducationFacilities to each Person in future.C) According to UN Orders all the Govt.will Provide UN EmploymentAllowanceTo each Person till the age of 60-Years.D) According to UN Order all the Govt. Will Provide Old Age Allowance ToEachPerson after 60-Years till Death.E) According to UN Order all the Govt. Will Provide 20-Years Soft BankHousing Loans to each Person.F) According to UN Orders all the Govt. Will Provide 1%Interest BankLoansFor Trade, Agriculture and Industrial Projects.E-mail:[email protected] Dilbar, s Urgent Peace Letter No.28Subject: Throughout the world, UN should install, autonomousInstitutions, UNPrivatize Commissions (UNPC) to remove Poverty, Unemployment andCorruption.1) To privatize all the Govt Institutions in a transparent manner, UnderTheFollowing rules and regulations of Autonomous Institutions will beEstablished.2) Suggested Institutions (UNPC) in all the countries will perform TheirDuties as autonomous bodies.3) All the Executive Employees of suggested institutions (UNPC) will beRecruited on Merit from other countries.4) Suggested Institutions (UNPC) during the next 5-years shall PrivatizeAllThe Banks, Water and Power, Big Industrial ProjectsHealth, Education, Agriculture and City Corporations etc in a TransparentManner.5) Throughout the world all the countries will not Privatize theirDefense. Currency and Teli Communication. And they will run under GovtControl.6) Suggested Institutions (UNPC) shall be Privatize on such terms andConditions that they will have to carry the same Businesses. In case ofViolation of Rule, UNPC will take back these Institutions without anyPayment.7) Suggested Institutions (UNPC) shall be bound to sell all the Govt AndSemi-Govt Institutions through their Stock Exchange in Shares.8) To bring forth the Suggested Institutions (UNPC) Decisions shall beTakingBy Voting in the UN General Assembly.9) By establishing the Suggested Institutions (UNPC) at the InternationalLevel, the Privatization of all Govt and Semi-Govt will help inAlleviatingThe Poverty, Unemployment and Corruption all over the world.E-mail Agha Dilbar's Urgent Peace Letter No.29Subject: According to UN Security Council Order, all countries wouldAllocate Two Present (2%) of their National Budget for UN DevelopmentFund(UNDF).1) Suggested UNDF would be used for the following DevelopmentProgrammed toEradicate Poverty and Unemployment from the Developing, Backward andPoorCountries.2) Through UNDF Dams, Canals, Railways, Motorways, Heavy Industry andFive starHotels will be built in the Backward and Poor Countries.3) UNDF will be spent on Oil, Gas and Mineral Projects in Backward andPoorCountries.4) UNDF will be spent on Schools, Colleges, and ProfessionalInstitutes, Universities, Hospitals and Sports Complexes will beConstructed inBackward and Poor Countries.5) Under Suggested UNDF Latest agriculture Farms, Poultry Farms, CattleFarms, Fish Farms and Export Processing Zones would be built in BackwardAndPoor Countries.6) Suggested UNDF would be spent on Population Planning in Backward andPoorCountries.7) Suggested UNDF would be install Airways, Banks and Shipping CompaniesInBackward and Poor Countries.8) Under UNDF following Basic Industries would be installed in BackwardAndPoor Countries.1. Steel Mills 2.Car, Bus, Truck, Tractor industries 3.Textile Industry4. Tires, Tubes and Shoes Industry 5.Medicine Laboratories 6.EngineeringIndustry 7.Electronic Industry 8.Computor Industry 9.Dry Milk Industry10. Tin Pack Fruit Industry.E-mailAgha Dilbar’ s Urgent Peace Letter No.30Subject: To abolish Kick Backs at International Level, UN Anticorruption Commission (UNAC) should be established.1) Under the UN Resolution UN Security Council would be established, UN Anticorruption Commission (UNAC).2) Suggested (UNAC) would be authorized at the International Level to Take Stern preventive measures to control the Contacts of Kick Backs.3) Suggested UNAC would be authorized to take Hand over the Kick Back Cases Of Govt Officials, Ministers, Govt Contractors and Head of States to The International Court of Justice.4) Suggested UNAC would be authorized to charge Govt and their Head of States who would be found guilty of taking Kick Backs in the big Govt Contarcts.5) Suggested High Power International Institution (UNAC) would Confiscate All the Black Money made through Un-Fair Means, and giving all such Cases of Inappropriacy to International Court of Justice, it would help in Awarding The severe punishments to all Head of States, Ministers, High Officials, Smugglers and Traders who are found guilty in Corruption.6) Through the suggested UNAC, by eradicating Kick Backs and Black Money, it Will keep to remove Poverty, Unemployment and Terrorism immediately Throughout the World.Please Note:Donate Funds for International Peace Campaign for conveying massage of Peace Through Friendship Progress and Prosperity by International Revolution Movement, in a better way 1000-Time more. We need Funds urgent basis. Please Send your Donations toBank Account: Allied Bank of Pakistan, LahoreBranch: Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore No.0688Account: Agha DilbarAccount No. 01100-5809-2Agha Dilbar founderInternational Revolution MovementCentral Secretariat64-Neelum, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore, PakistanThanks for using this servicePlease E-mail these Peace Letters to your friends for the Welfare of HumanityThank you for your Participation. We appreciate your Contribution for Humanity(Live with Dignity and Dye with Grace. Guide Line from Agha Dilbar)_________________________________________________________________

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Shouldn't social networs be integrated in this thing too ? When you open an IML account you'll need somebody else to guarantee you aren't an evil spammer from hell - and if it turns out you indeed are an evil spammer, that person would lose some credit (Not an evil spammer from hell, but lets them in).

If you can't find anybody to guarantee, you start with a null score ...

I also think points should be easy to get back, so that newbies with a blank slate can get by - just sending some non-spam email should be enough. After all, you'd expect a spammer to send much more spam than no-spam ... this is getting closer to social networks stuff and it'd need protection against false networks of spammers sending false valid email to each other ...

Richard Soderberg

He suggested this in the past, not this year; more at http://news.com.com/2010-1028_3-5146863.html

Richard Soderberg

Interestingly, Dean was talking about requiring a national ID card to use computers in the states; throwing out all the discussion as to how it'd be feasibly implemented, this is twice in a day that I've seen a surfing permit come up.


This idea seems to have a lot of merit. I hope you can find a champion to help cut through all the political bullshit that usually holds back good ideas.

The comments to this entry are closed.

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